Girls Jewelry Boxes Help Achieve Their Dreams

Published: 19th May 2011
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If there is one thing the movie Black Swan wanted to get across to the viewers, it was the message that you should dream and dream big. The movie in which Natalie Portman starred in dealt with many issues, but they all came back to her girls jewelry box that had a beautiful spinning ballerina atop the box.

Every young girl has a dream to be something great one day. Natalie Portmanís character was no different. Her dream was to be the head ballerina at her dance studio, helping her lead the way for the whole ballet company. Every time she gazed at her girls jewelry box, she saw what she wanted to be and it inspired her to be great. The girls jewelry box was in fact a musical jewelry box, allowing the ballerina to spin to the music of Swan Lake. A whimsical tune that is very popular in music jewelry boxes. When the wound up that jewelry box, it was as if she was winding up her dream, getting closer and closer.

Hard work is required to achieve any dream and it is amazing to see how a girls jewelry box was able to inspire a person to work as hard as Natalie Portmanís character did in the movie. She knew that even though there was already a "swan princess" that it did not meant she could work day and night to try to out do the current princess. After each rehearsal, even in times when her life was falling apart, the one thing and I mean the one thing that was constant was the elegance, beauty and inspiration that came from her girls jewelry box. While many people may look to people for inspiration or something of that sort, some people need to look to objects, as they cannot change or disappoint.

While we saw a great example of how a girls jewelry box could inspire a person to do great thing and achieve their dreams, there are many other great things a girls jewelry box can offer. They can help build a childís imagination, organization skills and style. When you add a musical jewelry box to the mix, that just adds to the fascination and greatness a jewelry box has. Girls jewelry boxes offer children a great way to add style, storage and taste to a young childís room. Hopefully buying a girls jewelry box will inspire your children as it inspired Natalie Portmanís character in Black Swan.

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