Wooden Jewelry Box Form, Function and Style

Published: 13th July 2011
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Ever since the first necklace was created, "I’ve got nowhere to keep my pearls" has been a common lament of womenkind everywhere. Making a small box out of wood quickly became a natural solution to such difficulties. While archaeologists regularly find small boxes filled with trinkets then identify the owner of the box as female, these boxes bear no resemblance to the wooden jewelry boxes of today.

As jewelry developed and increased in value, wooden jewelry boxes kept pace. Master craftsmen developed cunningly designed wooden boxes for the rich of the day to carry precious rings and seals. These boxes not only provided jewelry storage but had secret compartments that only the select few who knew the secret would be able to access. A fine wooden jewelry box would often be the crowning achievement of a woodworker who could spend hours carving out delicate swirls and flower shapes. Using different woods to create complex patterns with small inlaid pieces was also a favorite technique of these master craftsmen. Many of this works of art, originally designed to hold jewelry exist down to our day, with the finest pieces having a place of honor in museum displays around the world.

The basic function of a wooden jewelry box has remained constant down to this day as has the expectation that a jewelry box made from wood will become a cherished heirloom, passing from generation to generation, in much the same way as the jewelry itself. Wood from around the world is gathered to create luxurious boxes that simply beg to be touched. The smaller size of a jewelry box means that just a little bit of a specialty wood makes a big difference in the end result.

Wood also makes a jewelry box into a fine piece of furniture. Look for specialty pieces made from burl wood that makes the best use of the naturally occurring patterns in wood as it shapes itself into an unusual formation that warps the wood in a unique way, quite different from the normal circular grain common in most woods. A natural wood jewelry box can be polished to a mirror smooth finish that looks like glass. Judicious application of stain and lacquer turns an ordinary piece of wood into something truly stunning that will be valued for years to come.

While the earliest examples of wooden jewelry boxes were simple, consisting of a box with a close fitting lid, the man types, sizes and styles of modern jewelry boxes make the comment, "You’ve come a long way baby" truly appropriate.

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